Terms and Conditions

Dear Sir,
We would be delighted if you could carefully read the following terms and conditions and complete the form, signed and return via e-mail or fax.
Your booking is only valid once we have received your deposit along with the signed form below.

General Rules:

  1. Reservation
    Booking will be available after receiving a payment of 40% the total booking fee.
    Reservation will be confermed after having received the payment which can be sent via email info@mareemare.it or fax +390941901260.
  2. Check-in
    The apartment is available on the check -in date from 3pm onward. Guests have to hand in documents on the way in as well as the payment  left over.
  3. Check-out & return of keys
    The apartment must be vacated by 10am on your check-out day and the keys must be returned during check-out. Please ensure that the apartment and all appliances are left in the same working order as received.
  4. Smoking
    Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment. Each apartment is provided with a private balcony and garden which can be used for these purposes.
  5. Guests per apartment
    The apartment caters for a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 people. The number of people cannot be changed once the booking is complete.(*)
  6. Water and gas bills
    These are included in the booking.
  7. Electricity bills
    Electricity bill is included in the booking, for a daily use of 5 KWh. If this limit is exceeded, you will be charged the difference. The meter readings will be recorded at check in and check out.
  8. Supplies
    The apartment is provided with towels (bath and kitchen) and bedsheets. We will be delighted if you did not use bath towels for the beach or any other leisure activities. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary appliances however if any other supplies are needed, do let us know and we will endeavour to make the necessary arrangements.
  9. Sub-letting
    The apartment cannot be rented out to a third person.
  10. Cleaning and upkeep
    The apartment is cleaned prior to your check in date only so we ask if you can keep the flat clean and ensure to check bins and recycling bins daily.
    At check-out we will charge a flat cleaning fee (€40)
  11. Pets
    Pets of any kind are not allowed inside the flat at any time.
  12. Deposit
    A deposit is required at check-in which will be returned at check out if:
  • The apartment is left in the same condition as found at check-in
  • The owner has not been fined for illegal activities
  • Recycling rubbish has been disposed of in the correct bin
  • All apartment keys are returned and the apartment is locked
  • Any pending payments must be done before the guest(s) leaves
  • All towels, bed sheets and supplies/appliances have not been damaged or broken.
  1. Booking cancellation
    In case of cancellation the guest will lose the full deposit which is the 30% of the total , already paid at the moment of the booking. through bank account.
  2. False booking
    Any false bookings will cause the loss of your security deposit and the police will investigate any fraud.

(*)= “Every guest that is not included into the daily/weekly/monthly amount rent has to pay €20 per day on their way in.”